NCAA Hawaiian Fanny Pack

Every buff has an epic adventure story of the Hill and Pearl st.  That one time! That one time the Buffs beat the Huskers at Folsom field and you lost your wallet somewhere between the stadium and the sink.  Or that one time you went bar hopping on Pearl St. and lost your phone somewhere between Illegal Pete’s and the Sun Downer. Only to wake up the next day late for class and without your buff card!  That means no free buff ride. Whomp, whomp. Don’t let this happen to you! Get a CU Buffs fanny pack and get your life together. This floral print fanny pack is equipped with four pouches and can cram more stuff than the stacks in Norlin.  Plus, the founder of B Fresh Gear is a CU alumn! CU Buffs gear by a Buff! With an adjustable belt big enough for Ralphie and his handlers! Sko buffs!